Identity Management Services

Person Registry?

New University identity system implemented for creation and maintenance of users' electronic identities and the resources they are permitted to access.

What Is An Electronic Identity?

An electronic identity is a set of data, some public and some private, used to allow an individual to gain access to services such as e-mail, calendaring, library sources, course content, or payroll information. At Rutgers, the center of an electronic identity is the NetID.

Each individual has one NetID, used to identify the person to the services he or she is trying to access. A password is attached to the NetID, ensuring it is only used by the appropriate individual. Privileges are attached as well, ensuring the individual can only access services for which he or she has authorization.

A NetID is not the same thing as an email address or an email account, although in many cases today a person's NetID is used to generate an email address and account. More information about NetIDs can be found here.

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